Tooniehill Queen-Like

Owner: Wenche Horgen Rusnak and Ingrid Myklebostad

 S Uch Gordon Bell Sensible Touch (t)
 Int Uch Lundecock's Touch My Soul (t)
Maribell's Your's Sincerely (t)
S DK Uch Stationhill Crackshot (s)
S Uch Lundecock's Djinn
S N Uch Shellgate Scallywag (t)
Maribell's Freedom Angel
 N Uch Tooniehill Funny Face (bm)
Int Nord Uch Eastdale Classic Clown (bm)
Shemaur Dawn Chorus (t)
Int Nord Uch NordV78
Shelgate Double Diamond (bm)
S SF Uch Westpark Black Elaine (t)
GB Ch Pepperhill Blue Fizz (bm)
Mistle Trush of Shemaur (t)