Tooniehill Royal Blend, 38 cm.

f. 07.10.1995.

 N S Uch Westhlover Joker (s)
 S N Int Uch SV90-91-92NV91
Moorwood Handsome Destiny (s)
Westlover Beauty Rival (s)
Int N S Uch SV89
Moorwood Handsome Dreamer (s)
Moorwood Sunblest Dream (s)
Int Nord Uch
Moorwood Morning Stroller (s)
Varpnäs Rimina-Rival (s)
Tooniehill Image of Love (s)
N Uch Tooniehill Active Fighter (s)
Tooniehill Delicious Doreen (s)
N Uch Shemaur Such A Night (s)
N Uch Shemaur Angel Eyes (s)
N Uch Tooniehill Bright Guardian (s)
Duncoll's Toonie Star (s)

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